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A new path is set: AI art

AI Art
A breaf example of what you can create with MidJourney It’s been a long time since Ïco has stop to create. Several issues has occurred: a pandemic, lack of inspiration, loosing our creative tongue. Desperately looking...


althered illustration
Waiting for 2022 Pride Month During these long 2 years of Covid 19, ICO has lost something, the Thing that we could call “inspiration”. By now, a new animated thing has catches ICO attention....

#ChokoDruid and Her Twitch Channel

We are glad to introduce to You ChokoDruid, the Ico's Avatar in mobile games. Here we are. Ico goes to Twitch and mobile gaming universe!Follow her searching for ChokoDruid! Guarda il video live di ChokoDruid su www.twitch.tv For now, ChokoDruid plays once-per-day with Dragalia Lost, an Nintendo mobile ARPG. Stay tuned on Ico/ChokoDruid Twitter Channel for more...