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The Journey – Chapter One

The day we met

Que looking for an other Universe into lake’s magical waters

It was a sunny day when I first met you. Hike is the perfect girl for the road
because she actually was born on the road. I was writing my book sitting on a rock. Surrounded by hometown mountain lake.

Hike falling into water.

A lake with special powers. You could see foreign worlds just looking into his diamonds water.
In a blink of an eye, you collapsed into those water falling from the clouds.

Hike the Traveller

Hike was a traveller, one of them who can’t stay off the road even for one day. You saw that in the way she stood bobbing her head,
always looking forward , nodding, like a
young boxer to instructions, to make you
think she was listening to every word,
throwing in a thousand
“Yeses” and
“That’s rights.” My first impression of
Hike was of a young time traveller. She was so over the top, over any common idea of a young woman should be. She knew everything about travels and discovering worlds.

Hike and Que

We stayed up all night talked till dawn,
and in the morning, while we set up our daily path, we were lying under the stars protected by the shades of a magical tree.
she was ready while calling me. I said, “Hold on just a minute, I’ll be right with you soon as I finish this chapter, ” and it was one of the best chapters in the book.

Hike and Que starting their journey
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