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#Hïke&Que – The Journey

First of all, happy New Year guys!! Than I just want to apologize for the delay of The Journey new chapter. Life sometimes gets you and you have to change your schedule!

I have a gift for you, waiting for the new chapters (on Friday, Chapter Two will be released!) . Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you Hïke (pronounced like Nike brand) and Que, the main characters of The Journey!

She is empowered by her desire to seek the truth and find her true identity. She is inquisitive and inquires about her past, present, and future. She studies and listens to traditional songs, stories, and wisdom from her ancestors and reads ancient texts to better understand where she comes from. She is courageous, strong, and confident in her exploration of her past and her roots. Live is an adventure, and she is willing to take chances and confront her fears in order to gain.

Hïke – The Traveler

She is a curious soul, always seeking more from the world. She travels far and wide with an open heart, taking a journey of self-discovery. She is brave and independent, seeing foreign lands as her solace. She often escapes from the pain of her losses, as if a nomad. Yet, despite the unfamiliar surroundings, she regards every experience as a lesson to be learned. She is a traveler, guided by her own strength and inner courage.

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