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#TheJourney – Chapter 2

Into the other-verse

I was in a hurry. I felt that the moment finally come. Everything was clear. The winter flew away in a blink of an eye.
Then came spring, the great time of
traveling, and everybody in the scattered
gang was getting ready to take one trip or


That day I was hiking throughout the forest behind my house. It was a energetic sunny day. The gentle wind flew pushing you away like a sweet company. I went into the cave, my cave, my childhood’s secret spot.

While looking the walls, memories came out like a shuttering river.

And than all of them disappeared.
Icy water woke me up. Apparently I was fell down into a lake. “What the..” I thought looking my face into those freezing water. “It seems that I traveled through time and space” I mumbled.

A girl stepped forward while I stumbled from the lake, feeling dazed and momentarily disoriented. “Hello,” she said, “It looks like you had an interesting journey. Where did you come from?”

Hïke and Que

I looked up, still shocked. “I’m not sure”, I replied. “Suddenly I remembered a cave I went inside and I felt like I went through a portal, and here I am. I’m not sure what to do now!”
This is the day that I first met her, Que.

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