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#TheJourney – Panda Leaf

This is the beginning of a new path. New nations to discover. New elements to bring up.

Hi falks! We are back with a bonus chapter of The Journey. “Panda Leaf” discloses a new character called Fang Quan, the one that become Master Pawda. Here his story so far.

Once upon a time there was a boy called Fang Quan whose curiosity for the mystical arts was only matched by his fascination for panda shapes’ mark that he has on his back. He was never content with the mundane, conventional gifting of knowledge from the elders in his community, so he decided to take it upon himself to delve deeper than what most were willing to explore.

He traveled far from home into unknown and dangerous territory, until one day he encountered a mysterious hermit who was believed to hold secrets of the ancient arts. The hermit initially resisted the young man’s pleads for knowledge and instead handed him a green leaf decorated with a panda shape.

The strange leaf became the tool to unlock the hermit’s wisdom and the young man realized that he had stumbled upon Pandora’s box filled with untold secrets of magic and the subtle arts. He inherited all the wisdom turning into a real Master looking as a Panda

The young man devoted the following year to learning all he could and eventually, he was acknowledged by the mystic masters as a master in Life Through a Lens aka “I could see the past and the future traveling through Space and Time”. He became Master Pawda.

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